Friday, February 17, 2012

Lazy MomMa - Not!

Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just want to lay on my bed. Yes, that’s me singing. But unlike Bruno Mars, I said it, I said it but I CAN’T ‘cause it is still Friday, I have work and I need to be in the office. I must say, I like that song, it’s funny and groovy at the same time. Unlike this week, dragging and tiring. I had full load this week, not just in the office, not just on being a momma, but both - simultaneously. I literally got my home in the office. Confused? Simple, I brought mi bebe to my workplace. Yes, I can do that. I’m lucky its 1 of the perks of being in the government service, their lenient to mothers. Everybody relates and share sympathy on being yayaless parent and they understand you when you have no choice but to bring your kid in the office (or else you will not report for work). What happened to mi bebe’s yaya? Oh, that requires a totally new post. But mind you, since you have your kid in the office, you must also work doubletime. Imagine me drafting a memorandum while mi bebe’s fingers are on the keyboard as well. At least she answers the phone for me and calls the operator for no reason. Hay, this entails new post altogether. But it was fun, everybody in the office liked her. Ahhh, I missed her now, now that our room is silent and free from her chuckles.

Can a Nanay actually be lazy and tired? Never! But I believe a wife can, sometimes. lol Okay I’ll try my lazy-luck tomorrow with mi esposo.


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