Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cutting Baby Nails

By practice, I only cut mi bebe's nail when she's asleep because I think it is the most convenient time for both of us. I will not be anxious of hurting her and she will not be upset with the refrained hand movements. I cut her nails on a weekly basis, when she was younger, I cut her nails twice per week, baby’s nail tends to grow faster and become a natural sharp weapon that can scratch not only them but you as well. For me, it is best to cut nails after day bath because 1) nails are still soft and 2) there is ample light.

But last weekend, I tried cutting her nails, while she's awake. I did this because I think it’s about time to make her aware of good grooming and personal hygiene. Besides, she can already comprehend I can already tell her my purpose and ask her to be still. I'd like to share some pointers here, with your indulgence your honors. lol 

1) You may hold the baby on your lap to get a good position or put her hand on your lap (as shown below). Make sure to have a good nail clippers. For mi bebe, I did not bother buy baby clippers, just the regular one with good grip and small cutting edge. It is specifically for her use alone, as should be (for sanitary purpose). But I still make it a point to wipe it with alcohol before and after every use.     

2)  After cutting the first nail above, she became impatient and less interested with what I’m doing. I must admit I was slow, I’m just being careful. So, I moved to her toe nails instead.     

3) I let her play with her toys to keep her mind away from the cutting. And I also entertained her by singing her favorite song. It worked! I was able to finished 10 toe nails. 

what's up with that expression bebe? lol
4) So I tried my luck on the finger nails again, but at this point she's already too sleepy. I was only able to cut one nail again, then I put her to sleep.

 5) I was able to finish the remaining finger nails the usual way - while she's sleeping.

I made sure, I took the thumb first
 6) Nice try! Let's do this again next week.

Additional tip: Don't cut nails by bitting it off. Stupid right? Just stressing it out, in case it crossed your mind. lol 


  1. I love this post! I also commend the photog!

    1. thankx. ang bongga nman ng profile pic mo seductive and alluring. =)