Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Surprise

I know I told you I'm not into Valentine's, but apparently this year, mi esposo thinks the other way around. He didn't just buy me a present but added a little drama in handling it over to me. He laid out a very romantic surprise that I almost thought he was proposing all over again. lol 

Early morning, he was persistent to show his wall post over Facebook, I thought it was just his cheesy valentine's message so there's no need to hurry. Seemingly, I was left behind, there were comments from friends already.

Mi bebe is in the office that time, I was too busy I didn't recognize this document at once.

This is what's inside:

Portion of the letter asks me to highlight the whole page and change the font color to black, then another message popped that gave me new instruction:

The hidden message told me to flip my keyboard. Felt like I'm part of the romantic edition of the amazing race. lol  

The message under my keyboard asked me to open the 3rd row of my drawer. Now, that made sense, early on he was eager in putting my bag inside that drawer, he's concealing his gift after all.

At last, I finally found it! 

This is what's inside. It is the "her" version of my anniversary gift to him last year.

To tell you honestly, I was tad expecting this gift, I saw him scouting for this one once. But I didn't expect it would be this way. Thank you so much Ba, my love, mi esposo. Now, this is what Valentine is all about. It's not about the gift, but more on the love you put in it. Labyu lots Ba..mwah

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  1. wow ang sweet nman ni mi esposo hehe sana ganyan din si pedro haha :)