Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Pug was Born!

Remember the dragon baby I was telling? They’re out! Our dear baby-pet Mash (a pug) gave birth yesterday, February 20. Call it paternal and maternity leave, but yes, we took the day-off to attend to her birth giving. Normally, toy breeds like her delivers via cesarean section, considering their built and structure. Mi esposo also points out to pug's snobby-nose which gives them less breathing capacity especially during birth-labor. It was a good decision to take that leave because apparently Mash' maternal instinct was still set to off as she's a first time mom. She wasn’t able to push her babies out very well. And this is where mi esposo comes in, he served as her midwife. Mi esposo had attended to a lot of dog birth giving before, all of whom were his/our own pets. Okay, the next scenes may gross you out, so excuse me. During Mash’ delivery mi esposo needed to pull some pups out because they got stocked in her pelvic, he also opens the sac and cuts the cord. Mash went to a strenuous 10 hours (normal) delivery (taking 1 hour interval each and 5 hours gap with the last). She had 5 pups, but unfortunately 2 died upon delivery. The first died because she was not able to open the sac (we were still asleep then), the puppy might have been suffocated inside the sac and the other was due to her inability to push. Give Mash a break, she’s new to this, next time I’m sure she’ll do better. We're still so proud of her, no matter what. 

Meet the Pug-tato Family, Mash - the mom, Frenchie - female (fawn), Mojo - male (apricot) and Hashbrown - male (apricot).

I believe all mothers, human or otherwise are instinctively doting to their babies. We tend to care and love our babies more than our own lives. Mash is just a dog, but she shows concern to her pups like you can never imagine. I bet she’ll be a good mother to her little pugtatos.  

Now, meet the puppy-sitter. Mi bebe loves Mash and welcomes her new puppies with excitement. She's like a big sister to them.



  1. ang cute naman ng care taker ng mga pug. hehe :-)

  2. hfll;;;ldqqqqqqq [[;l;llkjxjjjbhgggyuei - lara aka the pug sitter and my ghost writter.

    pki pa-interpret nlang sa knya meaning ng comment nya in the future.hehe

    ,mdmmw,wwwnwn - lara (ps cguro)