Friday, February 10, 2012

Hap-py Friday!

I am having a hard time giving mi bebe her “before to bed milk” now. I had no problem with this ever since. She can finish 1 bottle straight-up even after she just had dinner. It’s part of her sleeping routine of some sorts. But this week, for some unknown reason she suddenly would not want to drink it. Either she just plays with the nipple or snobs it altogether. I am considering shifting to other milk formulas but it still have to pass thorough consideration and approval of mi esposo. Sounds too bossy, huh? In short, he just needs to choose either: 1) to shift other brands now; or 2) shift to other brands after the present formula is consumed. lol Just kidding, no decision yet, we still have to weight its pros and cons further. Anyhow, we both agreed that her present formula is the best in the market and her behavior might be due from other factors. We still have to observe.

Last night as I was forcing asking mi bebe to drink her milk, I told her sounding frustrated, “Do you know how to make Nanay happy? Just finish your milk”. Coming from nowhere she said “HAP-PY” in the softest and most angelic voice. It was the sweetest word I ever heard. Did she drink her milk? Forget it! But her Nanay is happy, still.


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