Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mi Bebe is Walking!

Walking is one of the baby milestones every parent anticipates. Some babies usually take their first step as early as 11 months, some waits until 18 months. It takes a lot of courage and hard works for babies to be able to walk alone. Allow me to recount here the blow-by-blow development of mi bebe's walking. I hope you could pick useful data along the way.

Mi bebe showed interest in walking as early as 4 months, whenever I hold her under her arms, she’ll dangle her legs and push against the floor with her feet, as if walking. She liked that exercise a lot, but the elders say not to push it because her legs are not that strong yet and may affect the development of her hips. I therefore brought this up with her Pedia. According to her Pedia, getting-up and sitting by herself are the best signs of readiness to walk, we have to wait around 7-8 months for that.

Around 7 months, she was trying to pull herself to a standing position while holding on the sofa. I thought it was the best time to scout for a baby walker. I didn’t want to buy one because I think it is not a good investment and it will only be useful for a short period of time. I just asked from mommy-friends who believed otherwise and are willing to lend their baby's. Around 8 months I was able to put mi bebe on a walker. Mi bebe enjoyed every bit of her walker-time, she literally runs around the house with it.
borrowed from Jico (son of mommy-friend Joy)

Looking back, I wish I didn’t put her into walker. It didn’t help her gain confidence in walking solo thus made her dependent on support walker gave her. I should have listened to other mommy-friends who told me to just let her cruise (- is a term to describe baby's walking while holding everything possible, from walls to tables to chairs). Just make sure to baby proof your place by putting soft pads on the floor and walls too. I’m a first time Nanay, next time I know better. lol

Few days before her 1st birthday, she had mastered standing solo. She’s also walking while gripping on our hands. Now, she’s totally dependent with somebody’s guide. We tried to encourage her but somewhere, somehow she can’t get the courage for herself. I started to feel frustrated.    
Mi bebe was turning 15 months when I had a chance to talk with mommy-friend Val. I told her my concern. She assured me that mi bebe is perfectly normal and I just need to be patient in dealing with her. She even suggested to make use of the diaper cloth as harness-walker (it’s a traditional and effective way to walk-train babies in the Philippines. Just wrap the cloth diaper around baby’s body and presto, instant walker). That made sense, I realized mi bebe needs to be assured of her safety. If nobody’s holding her yet she doesn’t stumble, then she'll acquire the confidence she needs to walk. That's when I remembered that we bought her harness type walker when she was just 8 months. It was kept in the bin and left unused. Now is the perfect time to test its purpose.


In less than 2 weeks of use, mi bebe was able to walk solo. After 15 months and 2 days, she finally was able to walk on her own. What a joy! There’s free pizza for everybody in the house.

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