Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Smiling Red - Bee

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. Contents are purely from me momma’s point of view judging from her experience and her bebe's current fascination.
I grew-up loving the big smiling red-bee, locally known as Jollibee. I especially like its ma-hotdog, ma-cheese, spaghetti and the phenomenal chocolate sundae. Although mama never bought us any kiddie toy, no fuss, just dining there is a haven in its form. I also can sing all its advertisement jingles by heart, who can’t anyway? I even grab every opportunity for a picture taken with the bee. But unlike any other fan, I have one special memory with that chain. Way back in HS, I treated my HBBs (my Tropang Alagad) for lunch, it was my birthday. While paying, one of my friends jokingly told the cashier about the occasion. When we settled back on our table, the background music suddenly shifted to the chipmunks singing a Happy Birthday Song. We all knew it was for me and we all giggled. It was a simple gesture but it's too sweet to be forgotten.
But as I grew older, my food preference changed and I also became aware of other various food chains. Plus when I was already earning, I was able to try fine dining restaurants which I thought was better. Suddenly, I forgot about Jollibee. My dining in that chain, become lesser and lesser.   
Surprisingly, mi bebe had discovered this red-bee. She is now fond of it and she’s thrilled by its mere siting. I have no idea who influenced her, you can count with your fingers the number of times we brought her there. She just attended a Jollibee party once. We had Jollibee appearance during her 1st birthday but she barely appreciates, it was more for her guests. My mama never becomes a fan, so it’s certainly not from her. We seldom watch local TV shows, it’s not from the tube.
I’m guessing, it must be the same old kiddie charm that’s working here. I remember its commercial before stating that the word "Jollibee" is amongst the first words of babies. There may be truth to that, now I can relate. Who could resist that irresistible charm? Not us, kids (at heart even).     
So, I’m back at embracing Jollibee just like the old times. Happy meal! (oh, that's from the other chain. lol)
PS Disclaimer: It’s a Filipino food chain anyway, I don’t mind endorsing it for free. =)


  1. nicely written.. I guess Annika will love Jollibee too in the coming months... But, we seldom eat there.. I'm into Happy Meals kaya mas McDo hangouts namin.. hehe... But siempre love ko pa din si Jollibee.. who doesn't naman di ba.. :)

    1. Kami din, nagulat nga ako kilala na nya c Jollibee eh. Dami pa siya nakakain pag Jollibee ang food may uummm pa siya bawat subo.