Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby's Night Out

Our PyroMusical Competition plan pushed through last Saturday which gave the family a literal blasting weekend. Enterprisingly, the management of MOA made sure all exit points leading to the bay area, where the venue for the competition is located, is secluded and tightly guarded. You definitely have no choice but buy entrance ticket. It’s a good thing we were at the venue early which gave us ample time to choose from various vantage points. Apparently, there were other good locations aside from the given floor plan. We were made aware that you can make dinner reservations at any restaurants facing the bay where you can eat and watch at the same time. That’s what we choose.

We had dinner buffet at Gumbo (for P789 each) and watch the show from the tables they setup along the covered-corridor. It was the best choice considering we have infants with us. We originally planed to buy the P100 entrance tickets, but we changed our minds at the last minute. Good thing or else the infants would be very uncomfortable. Just look at the crowd.     
The fireworks display of both China and The Netherlands left a superb mark to the aweing crowd. Team China themed their piece with the story of a fox looking for love while team Netherlands used hip musics to add flavor to their presentation. Both teams executed outstanding performances which fascinated everybody, it is really very hard to judge which one was better. The dark sky suddenly turned into a colorful abstract. How do you paint the sky? Ask both teams.
This was the first night-out of mi bebe. We're glad she enjoyed it as much as we did. She was shouting "wow" and clapping at the same time. And she was the only infant, among the group, who endured the lenght of the presentation. Mi esposo and I both agreed that it's worth the price and maybe next time we'll reserved at the VIP section.
Me momma tips: How to prepare infant for night out:

1) Make sure, the kids have ample rest/sleep throughout the day to endure the night.
2) Dress them with comfortable cloths and make sure they have hats or hoody jacket for protection from the night's fog.
3) Bring stroller. Babies will more or less fall a sleep at the venue.

Note: Please forgive my low quality photos, this was taken using my phone's camera. I'll try to grab some decent photos from my in-laws and update this, as soon. 

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