Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Hair Cutting Myths

I ponder Philippines as the “Myth Capital of the World”. We lived by practicing numerous myths for every life’s occurrence. Let me take “hair” as a precise example. Did you know there’s a bunch of hair myths out here, you can name more than 1 for baby’s hair alone. The most common of which is, you must wait for a baby to turn 1 year old before they can have their 1st haircut. Although I really wanted a baby boy for my first born, I was secretly praying for a baby girl, just because of this. I’m sure I will not abide by this customary which the elders cannot forgive me with. Lol I remember one classic experience, before our wedding, mi esposo and I joined my office’s summer outing trip to Corrigidor, which is a no-no for soon to weds. Soon to weds should not travel, it brings bad omen they say, but we broke this tradition just 2 weeks before our wedding and worst we crossed a sea. Nothing really bad happened, except that come my wedding day, I looked like 2-toned bride. I accumulated uneven tan, because I wore shirt during the trip and it is very visible on my tube-wedding gown. Lol

Back to the hair cutting, I do not see anything wrong if you do not cut your baby girl's hair for a period of 1 year, but I don’t get the logic why parents allows this on their baby boys, are they Samson or something that they will be weak and powerless once the hair is cut? Don’t they find it unhygienic? And worst, are they okay that their sons are oftentimes mistaken as a girl because they are in ponytail. Well, I could not take that, thanks goodness I had a girl.

I warned you there’s more than 1 myth to this. Yes, I survived a year without cutting mi bebe’s hair, now enters a new dilemma. Did you know that somebody intellectual should take that 1st cut? It’s like a ceremonial cut or something, this is so that the baby will inherit their intellect. Wait, there’s more. The 1st cut hair should be keep between the pages of an encyclopedia for babies to be intelligent and in between the pages of a bible for babies to be religious.

If you thought you got it all, wait ‘till you hear this. Apparently, you have to turn your baby bald, for their hair to grow thick and beautiful. But this conflicts another myth which is, if you cut your hair too short, your hair will resent and will not grow back its usual beauty.

Hay, these myths drive me crazy. Good thing I’m hard headed and not really submissive with these things. Lol

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