Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quezon City Memorial Circle

I’ve been itching to visit the place since it was introduced by my co-worker, they live near the place and they frequent it. He had all nice things to say about it which made me so curious. Thank goodness, last Saturday, mi familia was finally able to see it for ourselves. Apparently, my FIL is a regular jogger in that place, so that day, we went with him to jog and explore the place. We were at the place as early as… the sun had not yet rise but to our surprise many joggers were there ahead of us.  

But the QC Circle is not only for joggers, there are also numerous activities available for all, that includes all ages, all gender, all level of society and all species (yes, pets are everywhere). There is an area for boating and race track, called “paddle and ride”. There is also the playground area, where kids can play and slide 'till they drop. There's this mini-carnival which is called the "circle of life". There is also a place for adventure seekers where you can zip-line. Although these have minimal entrance fees, there are also entrance-free areas. Like the fountain, I heard that at night it has a dancing light and sounds, but during our visit, this place is the area for line-dancing and aerobics and take note, it has a professional instructor. There are also groups who do taekwondo and karate stuffs, although I’m not sure if it’s for members only. There is also the museum which showcases the life of Manuel L. Quezon, the father of the city and also the past mayors of the city. There is picnic area and of course my favorite the tiangge area, where you can buy plants, cloths, toys, pets and food.   

QC Memorial Circle is a great place for family get-away for less. If we have the opportunity, we’ll probably go back to try its other amenities. Unfortunately, I didn't come prepared, camera wise that is, its battery died on me, I was only able to take these few photos:



But we came prepared as joggers. We had running shoes, comfortable cloths, sweat towels and drinking water. We also did stretching before and after we ran.

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