Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fruit of Labor

It’s the 115th Founding Anniversary of this government agency where I work for. Great milestone as it is, we are not having any extravagant celebration, we were just enjoined to attend a thanksgiving mass and a free snack will be served during the merienda time. Simple as it is, everybody in this agency cannot contain their happiness. Why? Because aside from the fact that it is our pride to be part of such momentous event, the bosses was extra generous to give their employees a more reason to smile about. They authorized our Finance Office to credit our respective ATMs a reasonable amount. What can be better news than that?

On the other hand, I think I am compelled to report that my part-time job had already bore fruit. I registered to a blog ops which, luckily, gave me positive feedback. After submitting the required entry, I was sent with the payment via my Paypal account in no time. I’m so grateful with Ms. Paula for this opportunity, it was so pleasant to be working with her. I hope this won’t be our last business endeavor.

Monetary benefits are always good motivating factors to every employee. No amount is too big or small, just keep it coming. lol

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