Friday, March 2, 2012

Link Exchange

I am neophyte blogger. I’ve been blogging for merely a month or so. I thought of putting up a blog because I believe it is a proper venue for my thoughts to be voiced. I’d like to share my adventures and the knowledge I acquire as I take the journey to motherhood. I share here my happy thoughts and experiences which I hope the world will benefit. Alongside, I also would like to earn extra. I heard a lot that blogging may also be income generating. And I learned that to do this a blog must possess 2 things: 1) a niche and 2) a network.

I have the niche and I’m sure I’ll never go wrong with it. How can anyone be wrong in writing his own experience and learning? So, #1 requirement: Easy peasy! The real problem is the #2 requirement, especially to a newbie like me. It’s very difficult to build a network especially if you’re just a part-timer. But thanks to web-angel Google for giving me the solution.

I was searching over for mom blogs for possible link-ups when I came across BC Bloggers Secret. It is a network founded by Paula of She masterminded the creation of a Link Exchange Network, in that way no more begging for links, you will meet people willing to exchange links and everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I already joined, why don’t you? Joining is not so secret, you can follow the fast and easy steps here.

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  1. True..blogging is indeed way better if its based on your own experience.. Way to go! I'll be expecting more of your blogs..