Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweet 16

Mi bebe, that is. She’s 16 months now. I know of some mothers who continue to celebrate their baby’s monthsary even after a year, but not me. I only did that before she turned 1, I made it a point to prepare special dinner for the family to fete, monthly. We even made a rule, that when the 2nd of the month falls on a weekend, we celebrate it at my in-laws, all the rest at my mama’s. See that’s how fair we are, we did not even scheduled a celebration at our own home. Lol

But actually, we only came up with this on her 3rd month. It was timely for my ate’s despedida. She was the one eager to prepare a bountiful buffet for mi bebe, I just followed the lead after she left. It was just sad that ate was not able to be back for mi bebe’s 1st birthday celebration, it would have been more fun. But at least she sponsored food cart and her esposo sponsored Jollibee’s appearance. They’re just thoughtful.

Although we do not have special food on the table, we still are very thankful for another month’s blessing. I lit a candle at the nearby Church, thanking Him for giving her another month of good health and protection. And that He may continue to send His angels to watch over her every day. I believe it's the true essence of the monthsary thing, to be grateful of the immeasurable blessings.

I still sings her the Birthday Song though, cause she likes to be sang.

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  1. sweet... happy 16th, baby lara... you are truly a wonderful blessing especially to your mom and dad. xoxo :)