Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Little Me

I’m not really an advocate of mother-daughter matching-matching thing or the so called “mini-me” dressing. Though I find it cute, my best attempt would be dressing in a motif, that’s cloths in same prints or style or fabrics or hue. The photo below shows our own version (most recent) of the “mini-me” dressing, as you can see, we’re both in denim pants, striped polo-shirt and running shoes. This was taken at our office grounds. Mi esposo, who took this photo, was also in same style of clothing that day. 

Although we don’t really dress the same all the time, I still can consider mi bebe as my little version. I can see myself in her in countless ways. I think she’s growing up just like me. Most of  her mannerisms and habits were from me, not to mention her captivating smile is also me. Last night as I was watching her to sleep, I noticed she was rubbing her pillow with the back of her hand while sucking her thumb, I smiled and said to myself, "that is so me". I just hope she gets to pick only my positive traits. Lol
I also pray that when she grows up, she would not be just like me. I want her to be better than me.

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