Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goodbye my Mashie

I was about to post an update on the development of the new born pugs but something unexpected came out. Their dear mom-pug, Mash, decided to say goodbye to them and to all of us. She left us without a warning, she caught all of us unaware. She was our pet for 3 years, it was so disheartening.

It was on that fatal hot Friday, everybody in house who saw her condition got worried in an instant. My mama called me from home to inform me of her state, she reported that Mash is suffering from heat-stroke, she was breathing deep and with tongue out. I ask her to give water and shade her against the sun ray, she told me they already did and that my brother was pouring water over her tongue. They even put a fan directly on her. I thought she’ll get by with the first aid administered to her, but to be sure, and knowing that mi esposo is more knowledgeable, I asked him to call home and hear Mash’s condition for himself. He just added to dump wet her nose. We thought she’ll be okay.

When we arrived home, Mash was so far from okay. She was so weak and her body was so stiff. After few attempts of giving her emergency treatment, mi esposo finally decided to bring her to a vet-med. The veterinarian who saw her, instantly ruled out heat-stroke and told mi esposo it was caused either by corona virus or poisoning. The doctor did his best to revived her, but Mash was not able to come back home.


  1. that's so sad.. kakaiyak

    1. ay, iyak nga ako ng iyak..hehehe

  2. kawawa naman ang isang baby mo. naisip nga kita ella na iyak ka ng iyak malamang :( hihi