Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8 Celebrations

Today, March 8 (and every March 8 of every year), I celebrate 2 milestones. 1) I and the world celebrates Women's Day and 2) I and my family celebrates the birthday of Pong, the only nephew so far in the family. And although not a yearly thing, today, 3) I and my in-laws will celebrate the send-off of my BIL.

International Women's Day is a day all women should rejoice just because it is a day specially attributed to us, girls. Have you heard of a Men’s Day? I don’t, so I believe this is something women should be proud of. And this is also a day wherein women are honored and recognized. This year’s theme is "Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures".

Today, Pong is already 8 years old. Every year, he grows bigger and bigger (literally), he’s tall and chubby, bigger than a regular 8 year old boy. He is my big baby, he squish himself in our bed every time he sleeps over. His also a caring and protective kuya to mi bebe. He also has academic achievement this year, I heard. Although we don’t see him often, I know that he feels our love, I just wish he would not forget that. Happy birthday my big baby!

Goodbyes are always bitter-sweet. It’s sad that someone had to leave but we all know it is for the best. My BIL will leave tomorrow for an opportunity to provide a better future for his growing family. His family’s going to miss him so much and I’m sure he’s going to miss them too, but this is for their dream house. This is one exciting change that needs to be celebrated. Farewell and good luck Michael!

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