Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bistro vs Restaurant

For Pizza Hut that is. This post was actually requested by mi esposo, maybe he was so overwhelmed with the food and service that he wants me to pay tribute or something. Lol Let me warn you though that this is not a sponsored post, we paid for our bill, only we were so satisfied with the food that we thought of appreciating it this way.

Let me give you a little background, we were craving to dine-out last Saturday night, it was also timely that mi bebe’s essentials need be replenished and mi esposo’s TM Watch’s battery needs replacement, so we took the time for our dinning fix and headed to SM North EDSA for a quick buy. After we settled everything, we initially decided to head on an Italian Fastfood Joint but had a changed of hearts after finding that their strombolli was not available. The next best thing to do was of course to settle for Pizza Hut (but I’m sure this was actually his 1st choice), there were 2 Pizza Huts in that mall, the casual restaurant and the Bistro. We choose to try the later.

Now, to explain the title, although both the "Bistro" and the "Restaurant" are managed by one Pizza Hut Company, their “Bistro” offers wider food array, most of their pasta menus, appetizers/side order and desserts are not available on the resto, plus they offer entrees too. We noticed that the pasta plates are good for 2 persons (but we still had 1 pasta dish each), which provided us with extra eating pleasure. In general, I can consider it as the only difference between them. Both execute quality service and good  ambiance, but their Bistro is our new favorite.

Yes, we craved to dine out but we ended pigging out.

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