Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bride's Little Helper

Remember my post about the wedding event last weekend? It turned out to be a success. My warm greetings of congratulations and best wishes, again, to the groom and bride, respectively. I especially love attending weddings, it brings back memories of my very own wedding. The love and the romance, the fun and excitement I felt before were all present once again. If only there’s no monetary counterpart on weddings, I would love to get marry every year, that’s how I enjoyed my own big day. That might also be the reason why I really love to be involved in the preparations (and execution) of weddings, if you would remember my post, I would have volunteered to be the on-site coordinator for the couple only if somebody would take care of mi bebe. But look what I’ve found.

This was a clip from the on-site audio video presentation of the newlyweds. I missed this AVP during the reception night for some reason, I only got the chance to watch this after the groom uploaded it over Facebook. Look, mi bebe was not a hindrance after all. I was still able to help the bride before she walked down the aisle. She's just so supportive of her nanay's dream.


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  2. Thanks for the help, Ella :) It wouldn't be the same without your proactive participation. ♥

  3. And, of Baby Lara's, too.

  4. Yes, big help talaga kayo ni baby lara sa wedding namin! Ang saya saya, salamat ulit! :)

    1. haha.. thanks for allowing us na makielam at makigulo.. ;-p