Friday, March 16, 2012

Exciting Weekend

Thank God it’s Friday! Tomorrow is going to be an eventful day for mi familia. Aside from the fact that it’s a mother’s day again, we’re also going to be busy with 2 exciting celebrations. 1st we are going to the christening of mi esposo’s niece and he will stand as the godfather. Afterwards, we are going to witness the union of love in marriage of our friends/officemates/mi bebe’s godparents, where he (mi esposo) will stand as one of the groomsmen.

What’s more exciting is that mi esposo will drive the bridal car, yes he is the official bridal chauffer. He’ll be driving the family’s white SUV, so he didn’t mind. Anyway, I believe everyone is flattered to be of service in every wedding. I would have volunteered to be the on-site wedding coordinator if only there’s somebody to take care of mi bebe. But I’m sure mi espsoso will be the handsomest chauffer in his piña barong.

The most exciting part is, the wedding reception will be held at the La Cocina de Tita Moning, my dream restaurant! I’ve been longing to dine here but still haven’t convinced mi esposo just yet. Finally this is my chance.

Weekends are the perfect time for merriment.


  1. I am excited, too. It's the wedding of my Superf and I can't wait any longer! See you there, Ella!

    1. Good luck bridesmaid! See you tomorrow.. =)