Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Photo Princess

One lazy afternoon, as I was browsing my PC's photo gallery, I saw the following photos. I cannot resist but post these. This was taken by her Ninang Shie, during the baptism of our office mate's daughter. Look at how she smiled and posed for the camera, she's innate model, don't you think? Well, I'm not really surprised, I'm sure she got it from her model turned government employee Nanay. lol 


She's not really new to photo shoots, remember her first time with the pro? It was followed by a studio-shoot at pic-a-boo, plus the unlimited home photo shoots using various type of cameras. But I think she responds to camera better today than before. Although I cannot teach her yet how to smile and project, I'm happy she's able to express herself the way she wants to. But I have tips for adults, I thought these to mi esposo before and I believed it help him overcome his photo frantic.
  1. Practise your smile in front of mirror. You need to know your good angle and the best smile that looks good on you.    
  2. Smile with your eyes not only with your lips. Your eyes wont lie.
  3. Possess a positive outlook (with or without camera), your outlook will reflect on your face all the time.
  4. Just feel good and enjoy.

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